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Hot Mix Asphalt (ARHMA)

Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt

Crumb rubber modified asphalt (CRMA) is a high-performance binder for hot mix asphalt (HMA). CRMA contains asphalt blended with rubber from recycled tires (ASTM D-6114). During production, the tire rubber is finely ground at ambient temperatures and then blended with asphalt at temperatures exceeding 350ºF in a special rubber plant. The high temperatures cause the oils in the asphalt to swell as they blend with the elastomeric rubber polymer, resulting in a high-viscosity binder material that remains flexible at low temperatures and stiff at high temperatures. The tire rubber contributes polymer, carbon black, and anti-oxidants. The result is a very adhesive and cohesive high-viscosity binder that improves durability and resistance to oxidative aging, rutting, raveling, delamination, shoving, and thermal and reflective cracking.

Asphalt-Rubber HMA Benefits

  • Provides a high film thickness
  • Resists oxidative aging
  • Resists cracking at low temperatures and rutting at high temperatures
  • Exhibits low levels of raveling in open- and gap-graded mixes
  • Reduces HMA lift thickness, preserving curb reveal and clearances under overpasses
  • Puts recycled material to viable use and reduces scrap tire inventories
  • Creates a durable, high performance binder that extends the serviceable life of most hot mix pavements

Tri-Products' crumb rubber modified asphalt (CRMA) is formulated for high-performance applications. It can be manufactured in our Massachusetts plants (Holliston or Deerfield) or at the job site via one of our mobile blenders.

Our two mobile plants produce asphalt-rubber gap-graded (ARGG) and/or asphalt-rubber open-graded friction course (AROGFC) mixes in excess of 250 tons per hour.